About Us

How did GPWales Start?

For some time now, there has been a shortage of GPs across Wales. Despite this, there wasn’t an easy to use website that advertises all these jobs (or others in a practice) in one place. We were looking for GP Jobs within driving distance of our homes and are now working as GPs in Wales, but like many others, we didn’t find these jobs online, but through word of mouth and calling practices one by one.

The Plan

After speaking with Practice Managers, Partners, Salaried Doctors and GP Registrars and other staff across Wales, we felt there were 3 key areas where we could help: Jobs, Locums and achieving value for money.

1. Permanent Jobs (www.gpwales.co.uk)

We started with a Job site to;

  • Advertise every job in general practice (Doctors / Nurses / Receptionist etc.) in one place
  • Make jobs easy to find, search by location and compare
  • Display job adverts on a map
  • Allow job adverts to stay online until they are filled
  • Allow individuals to apply online
  • Allow practices to manage the applications online
  • Be a free service for all to use

With support from NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership and funding from the Welsh Government, we have created a simple to use website that you have asked for.

2. Locum Hub Wales (www.locumhubwales.co.uk)

Our plan was to launch Locum Hub Wales in June 2020, but given the Coronavirus Pandemic, we expedited the development and launch from June to April with the aim of making the deployment of Locum Doctors across Wales easier.

3. Discounting on purchases (coming soon)

We wanted to find a benefit of buying in bulk while retaining individual practices autonomy and allow them to continue to buying/order when they need to. We settled on working with suppliers to give discounts to practices when making all their purchases as normal. You can buy the same things in the same way, but you pay less for them. All you have to do is enter a voucher code at checkout/over the phone.